Social and Email Marketeer

About the opportunity

We are trying to grow our reach as a community-based organisation, particularly with a view to "taking part" in Garden activities. Recently we have had a good deal of interest from other organisations holding activities on site, from barbecues to archaeological digs, and we are keen to reach out and get as much interest in the Garden as possible. By doing so we can push for funding, recruit volunteers to help with maintaining the site, and encourage as many people as possible to enjoy the Garden.

You will be working with a sub-team of the committee, which will (hopefully!) comprise of other web marketing experts, and a web-lead who will be responsible for reporting back to the committee (though you are invited to attend).

What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone to run our social and email campaigns (using Hootsuite and MailChimp), and generally to advise on how best to make the maximum impact and gather more interest in what we do.

As part of this, we need someone who is confident in running a strategy which works across channels, so that we can run emails, social, and general site updates holistically for maximum impact.

Practical Considerations

Ideally, you will -

1. Live in the local area - you won't necessarily need to come to committee meetings, but we are planning on holding regular website meetings in York, so being able to get here to give the group an update/receive updates about our strategic aims would be a huge advantage (obviously we also encourage you to be able to visit the Garden itself!).

2. Have a thorough understanding of Social and Email Marketing best practice, ideally currently be working in a similar role.

3. Be imaginative and creative - much of what you will be doing will be based on what you think will best achieve our goals, so you will have a good deal of autonomy.

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